With the increasing adoption of computers, E-mail and Internet most organizations are faced with the challenge of staying current with the latest technologies while still operating their primary business. IT services can be an overwhelming task and can easily top the list of company expenses.

ComputerWise has over 30 years of experience in enabling greater business success using leading-edge technologies. We work with you to leverage technology to automate tasks so that you can reallocate time to growing the business. We can also operate as an outsourced IT department, capable of executing complex technology strategies or simply choose us when you feel that you do not have sufficient personnel, skills or resources to implement a project.

If you prefer to completely outsource your IT department ComputerWise can provide you with a Monthly Support Contract that is a reliable and cost-effective. If you simply need help to implement an IT project, ComputerWise's monthly Subscription Plans can streamline your IT costs. 


  • Specialized services for the Transportation Logistics Industry - Invoice Processing, Delivery Audit 
  • Web-Application development- Transform your manual processes into a web application so that you can conduct commerce globally
  • Bolt-on Reporting modules for existing business applications - Allows Data Warehousing and Reporting from your existing systems
  • Website development and Logo design
  • Printing services as it relates to the Web and e-business space

ComputerWise can help you use emerging IT technologies to drive your business forward in a cost-effective, secure and reliable manner.

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